Therapeutic Specialties

Aspen Counseling works with individuals, couples and families of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs who are struggling with the challenges, transitions, and crises of life. We offer step-by-step strategies to make your desired personal changes a sustainable reality.


We are committed to working with anyone who is seeking therapeutic support. We work with couples, families, and individuals of all ages. Depending on each person's needs, we provide a variety of therapeutic specialties that set us apart from other therapies and counseling resources.

The following are the most common therapeutic inquiries where we offer counseling support:
  • Trauma and PTSD Treatment
  • Traumatic Grief and Loss Treatment
  • Therapeutic Support for Teens, Couples, Parents, and older adults
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Substance Abuse Interventions and Recover Support Services
  • Christian Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families
  • Group Therapy
Trauma and PTSD Treatment Whether a person has experienced a trauma early in life through abuse or more recently through a traumatic illness, medical interventions, combat, or violence, therapy can help alleviate symptoms such as ruminating thoughts, panic, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and relationship issues. We utilize a number of techniques for trauma treatment including but not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy, Internal Family Systems therapy, Prolonged Exposure therapy, and other systemic therapies. All of our treatment is strength-based and tailored to each person, set of symptoms, and situation. Traumatic Grief and Loss While every human being experiences loss in their life and usually manage to recover their usual functioning in a matter of months, some experiences losses so unthinkably difficult that they experience it as a trauma. Others have unresolved losses layered upon unresolved losses that cause a condition known as "Complicated Grief." For those whose symptoms are unusually problematic and whose grief is not getting better in a reasonable amount of time, we offer sensitive, expert treatment of grief symptoms to help people and their loved ones get back to living life while dealing with the losses that are posing such difficulties to their daily functioning. Early Intervention with Individuals (Click here for more information) Our primary approach while working with individuals is systemic. This means that through exploring the wounds in one’s past (family of origin), the needed awareness is discovered to understand why the current issues in life are so emotionally painful and create obstacles for healthy personal growth. Couples Therapy & Trust Recovery (Click here for more information) Our primary approach in working with couples is systemic. After understanding each other's past and how it impacts the present, the possibility for honest communication can take place. Couple sessions become a laboratory where feelings can be expressed in a way that is vulnerable, so that real intimacy can develop.
  • Emotional healing from childhood wounds
  • Balancing career and family
  • Couples enrichment and intimacy building
  • Marriages on the brink of divorce
  • Pre-marital counseling
Sobriety Coaching & Support They are motivators, role models and mentors. They don't sugarcoat their words. And they resort to the unconventional to break a client's addiction cycle. Tough love is central to sober coaching. We don't see that passive hand-holding or babysitting jobs, sober coaches and clients develop an intense, bonded relationship. If you're not willing to do work, if you won't go to uncomfortable lengths to stay clean, you're going to have a tough time benefitting. Our success is your experiencing your success in sobriety.
  • Sexual and pornography addiction
  • Recovery from substance abuse
  • Immediate gratification addiction
Therapeutic Mentoring for Teens & Young Adults The teens and young adults we work with have often had traditional therapy and may need more support outside of that therapy hour to translate their therapy experience to real behavioral and emotional results. Some of our clients have attended Wilderness Programs and Therapeutic Boarding Schools, and are in need of intensive support while they adjust to living in the home with their parents after having lived in a therapeutic environment for an extended period of time. These clients have reached a stage in their growth that calls for a different type of therapeutic relationship. Many teens and young adults respond well to the positive behavioral modeling our mentors exhibit, and the round-the-clock encouragement they provide. Our mentors travel to pick clients up for their two-hour sessions, and help them take actions that build a positive self-concept for the client. The actions our mentors engage our clients in involve things like assistance to pursue the client’s passions, find employment, or start volunteering. Our mentors are experts in responding to crisis. They live and work in the areas where our clients live, so they can easily show up at the client’s side when needed. Psychospiritual Therapy & Christian Counseling (Click here for more information) Psychospritual therapy combines the best of psychological and spiritual tools and principles to promote emotional and relational healing that is holistic and sustainable. Psychological work focuses on what has gone wrong in a person’s life, while spiritual work focuses on what is intrinsically right in the person. Both are essential for healing to take place. Our primary psychological theory is psychodynamic. Together they focus on examining the Real Self that is at the core of all people. While your faith is your own, we work with individuals of all faith backgrounds.
  • Healing family relationships
  • Overcoming struggles with faith
  • Healing from abuse by the church
  • Challenges of ministry leadership
  • And many more personal issues that prevent positive growth and healing