"Aspen Counseling is the answer I had been looking for. I now believe I too can be that mother I always dreamed of being." - Sasha B.  
"Aspen Counseling has literally saved my family. My husband and I received coaching that saved our relationships with each other and with our children. I have only gratitude and awe of Michael Behmer's remarkable work." -Mark F.  
  "Our daughter has gone through real hell, and Aspen Counseling has been a powerful resource in helping her make life-affirming choices when peer pressure and ‘old friends’ were the enemy." -David S.  
"The support we received from Aspen Counseling has changed my life! The way I relate to my wife, my kids has been transformed from the moment I opened the book."
- Scott L.
    "Aspen Counseling taught me how to say I love you to my family again in a way they could hear me and believe me." - Ed B.  
"Aspen Counseling has guided us expertly through a maze of tough parenting situations and decisions that have hit us like a firestorm." - Craig D.