Early Intervention

Is your spouse, child or loved one missing out on life because they are controlled by their need for immediate gratification, addiction or substance abuse? Are you? ​We specialize in coordinating and supporting Substance Abuse and Addiction Intervention, Treatment, Relapse Prevention, Long-Term Recovery and Sober Independent Living.



We believe that Addiction is not only addiction to drugs and alcohol (substances) but includes what we call the following process addictions:

  • Drugs and alcohol dependency
  • Internet and pornography
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Compulsive sexual behavior
  • Overspending, shopping, debt and hoarding


People who are simply “surviving” have common characteristics.  You know you or your loved one needs an intervention if you are experiencing some of the following:


  • High Stress​
  • Increase in substance use
  • Intense emotions and emotional reactions, possibly including crying, withdrawing or intense anger
  • Recurring physical reactions
  • Feeling out of control, powerless and desperate
  • Intolerance, lack of empathy, a black and white view of the situation
  • Disconnection from physical sensations and yourself
  • Operating from your head and not your heart


If you believe your friend or loved one can be described by the list above, we can help.  Our team of sobriety coaches and therapists offer multidisciplinary clinical diagnostic interviews and evaluations that help determine if a person is in need of addiction rehabilitation.

The evaluation will help decide the individual’s personal journey of recovery by determining the person’s level of physical, social, psychological, spiritual and cognitive impairment. We work with many inpatient facilities and offer outpatient rehabilitation support specially designed for each recovering addict and substance abuser. The rehab support is gender specific and each client and client family is provided with their own team that will help guide them through their recovery.