Our Approach

  Aspen Counseling Group's therapeutic services are unique. Our work with clients is intentionally "relationally designed" to bring immediate, lasting positive change in each person's life and relationships.
We believe human beings are inherently relational and designed to change. Like aspen trees that grow in clusters, sharing a root system, we also believe that we as individuals share roots with those around us. We can't live or heal without taking into account how we relate to others and their impact on us. As therapists, our role is to help clients heal their past, explore their current reality and envision a healthy future.   By listening to our hearts and challenging our logic, we can find the path to solutions. Times of transition provide the perfect opportunity for growth.┬áHealing needs to be holistic. To restore health to a person, we need to consider the dimensions of body, soul, and relationships. Our goal is to establish a context of growth by guiding clients and communities toward physical, emotional and relational wholeness.   We are sensitive to the perspectives of each individual. We work with individuals, couples, and families of all types regardless of tradition, age, gender, faith, race, ethnicity, ability, and sexual orientation.