About Us

Welcome to Aspen Counseling Group. We are committed to supporting each of our clients in overcoming short term challenges and making long lasting, positive change through a unique, tailored, relationally-informed therapeutic approach.
 The Meaning of Aspens

Our state's neighborhoods and mountains are scattered with countless aspen groves. Each grove is made up of individual trees linked by a shared root system. We believe people are designed the same way - individuals linked by a shared root system. Understanding and fostering the root system and understanding our roots are key to leading a healthy, positive life.

In the fall, aspen leaves light up the mountainsides with brilliant yellow leaves. These beautiful leaves soon fall to the ground, leaving bare, white trunks until green leaves return in the spring. Like aspens, our lives are filled with different seasons. Some are brilliant and beautiful, and some are bare. But each season has a purpose in bringing about change and growth.

Get to Know Us We designed our website to help you get to know us. As you consider therapy or counseling, you will be looking to develop a trusting relationship with a mental health specialist. Through our website, you can find information about: When you are ready to schedule a time to meet with us or if you have further questions, don't hesitate to call us at 303-834-7389.